Thinking of buying again,but not quite sure what you want to do?  Should you buy, sell, rent, keep?

You know you want to do something but not sure what, sit down with your Finance Broker, tell them what your short and long term goals are and they will be able to come up with some suggestions for you.

In your mind you may want to buy a new property to live in and rent your existing one out.  This may very well be an option, but will it be best for what you want to achieve.  You want to get a new property with a larger land size to build a shed to run a business out of.

Your Broker can sit down and go over the options for you.  Yes, the above is possible but your equity will be restricted and you may have to save up be to able to put the shed on the property.  They can also give you another option where you look at selling your existing property and using the sale proceeds as a part deposit for the new property and remaining funds to complete anything extra that you want done on the property.

Sometimes it is all about options.  That is what your Broker is there to do…. provide you with options and information so that you can make an informed decision of what the best option is for you, at that time.

When we go into looking at a new property we can be very focused on what we want and may think that it may not be possible.  That is where someone outside of the decision making process can offer other insights and options that you may not have originally thought.

What to do something but not sure what?  Sit down with your broker and work out a plan.  It may be a long term or short term plan but at least then you have a plan in place to achieve where you want to be.

Contact me if this is you and you are not sure if you want to buy, sell, rent, or keep….