New year, new you: 3 quick and easy finance resolutions

Whenever we think of New Year’s resolutions, the first thing that comes to mind is a health kick. But here are three (easy) New Year’s resolutions that’ll help improve your financial wellbeing in 2021.

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme is back!

The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme is back; bigger, better and more buyer-friendly than before. If you’re a first home buyer who missed out on the first two rounds, then here’s how to make it a case of third time’s a charm!

Responsible lending laws to be axed: what that means for you

You might have recently heard that ‘responsible lending laws’ are set to be scrapped early next year. Rest assured though that you'll still be able to borrow responsibly. Let us explain how.

Turbocharged instant asset write-off scheme unveiled

There was one big-ticket initiative in the federal budget that really caught our eye, and that was the turbocharged version of the instant asset write-off scheme. Today we’ll look at how it could improve your business’s cash flow moving forward.

Lenders begin contacting borrowers who have deferred loans

If you’ve deferred your home or business loan then it’s likely your bank will reach out to you in the coming weeks. Here’s what to expect and what options are available to you.

$1 lenders mortgage insurance for eligible first home buyers

You’ve probably heard something along the lines of ‘you need a 20% deposit to buy a home’, right? Well, not necessarily. Today we’ll look at two options available to eligible first home buyers, including a $1 lenders mortgage insurance offer that’s just been launched.

Don’t say the ‘C’ word

I think everyone is a little over hearing it at the moment....   Given this is a difficult time for a lot of people for various reasons I wanted to touch base with some information that may be of assistance. I was actually overseas in the UK on a 3 week holiday when I had [...]

The Need for Mortgage Brokers

The Banking royal commission and the outcome for Mortgage Brokers There are a lot of opinions out there regarding Mortgage Brokers  and the outcome from the Banking royal commission.  This is my personal opinion and how this will affect me as a Mortgage Broker and my clients. There are 3 main items that came out [...]

Separation of Property

When it all goes bad...... Lets face it, not everything turns out as we had planned and lives get messy.  You start out all loved up, go about your everyday lives, happy times, bad times, stresses and celebrations.  Years or even decades later what happens when everything starts to unravel? You decide to go your [...]

Bridging Finance… What I need to know

What is Bridging Finance? Bridging finance is when you purchase a new property before you have sold your existing one.  It is only available on Owner Occupied property. Like anything there are some requirements that you would need to meet.  Your existing property needs to be on the market; Lenders will capitalise 3-6 months of [...]