It is that time of year to clean out the clutter and get ready for Spring.

Not only is Spring a good time to clean of your home of clutter, but your finances as well and get rid of anything that is no longer of use to you.  It is also the busiest time for people to buy property.

Like anything, we tend to get comfortable and just let things be.  Have you noticed that when you move house, how much you actually throw out?  This is ‘stuff’ you have accumulated over time without even noticing.

While we can’t really accumulate finances without noticing, certain things can happen which can be like clutter.  Your home loan and finances should be reviewed every 2-3 years because our lives change and finances should change with it.

Say you bought your first home 3 years ago with a minimal deposit and the rate is not great.  What has changed in 3 years?  New Job or promotion?  Do you have children and thinking of expanding your family?  Have you outgrown your home?  Have you accumulated that small annoying debt like credit cards?  If the answer is YES to any of these it may be time to re-asses things.

What your Broker can do is look at everything that you owe and speak to you about what you want to do.   Do you want to move house?  Can you keep your existing house as an investment and buy another to live in? Are you happy where you are but want to clean up your debt?

Your broker will be able to provide you with some options with what to look at in terms of your assets and creating wealth.  But also look at restructuring and financing your current loan with another lender that me be more suitable to you now.