Do you have the life you want?  The life that you saw for yourself? What have you done to Design Your Life?

Like building (designing) a house you have plans drawn up so you know how many rooms there will be, how the house will be planned, how big it needs to be for you.   What have you done to Design Your Life?  Do you have your plans drawn up or are you just going through life seeing what will happen? Are you adjusting as you go and then get to the point where you are not where you thought you would be?  Instead of the 5 bedroom house with the manicured lawn and pool you have a 3 bedroom, 1 bath where you seem to always run out of room and your lawn has weeds popping up everywhere and you become reactive by pulling them out or dealing with things as they happen rather than proactive.  Thinking about how to get where you want to be and what you need to do to get there.  Put plans in place to get you where you want to be.

Looking at getting into your first home but don’t think it is possible or just don’t know how to do it.  Speaking to a Mortgage Broker or Financial Planner could be the first step in designing that part of your life.  They can give you a plan to start you off and help you through the process.

You already have your home but have credit cards and personal loans that you are also trying to juggle and it feels as though you are never going to get in front?  Again this is where a Broker can help with a plan.  They can look at restructuring your finances to clean up the bad debt.

Sick of working 50-60 hours a week (or more) and not getting out of it what  you thought you would?  What do you have to do to improve your situation?

Sometimes everyday life/stresses take over and we lose sight of what we wanted / how we wanted out life to be.  We all have the things we enjoy that also help clear our minds and refocus on us… playing a round of golf, being at the beach, hiking in nature. For me it is escaping my everyday and going somewhere that I do not have the everyday distractions.  Typically that will be a small trip overseas.  To be able to wake up without everything I think i need to do around me, spend time on the beach at the pool and walking around the island.  It makes you realise what you want and how to get back on track.

Take a step back, make a plan, get yourself back on track for where you want to be.  Speak to your broker about your finances – this may be the first step to get you back on track.